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AcuWeb eFlyer

AcuWeb's completely redesigned eFlyer™ module, allows you to effortlessly generate and distribute e-Newsletters and other HTML-based eMail products – either by entering new material or simply by importing existing content from your AcuWeb™ Updater™– enabled website.

Click on any of the samples below, or any of the links at right, for a preview of the power and utility you'll find in AcuWeb™ eFlyer™ !

Sample Screens

Video Overview

eFlyer Standard Template

eFlyer Semi-Custom Template

eFlyer Custom Template [sample A]

eFlyer Custom Template [sample B]

eFlyer Custom Template [sample C]

eFlyer Group Mailing Confirmation

To learn more about the specific features and affordability of AcuWeb™ eFlyer™, please feel free to contact us.